Problem Solving Techniques: Reverse the problem

One problem-solving technique is to reverse the problem that you are trying to solve. Switch the current solution of looking for positive answers and then identify as many ways that a problem can fail.

Example #1: Your company wants to create a user-friendly GUI. Name the ways that the software wasn’t user-friendly. Some answers may include Complicated instructions, clicking too many buttons, not including the proper error handling functions, displaying incorrect error messages, etc.

Example # 2: Your company wants to increase software sales. How can your company decrease software sales?

Example # 3: You want to win a softball game. What would your team have to do to lose the game?

Once you have recorded the answers, write down the opposite solutions to help resolve any issues that you have.
This technique will help you identify ways of correcting any issues that you may encounter.

By Morgan

CBAP and PMI-ACP with over 20 years of Project management and Business Analysis experience.