Five ways to stay in touch with stakeholders

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As an IT Business Analyst, staying in touch with stakeholders is crucial for understanding their needs, gathering requirements, and ensuring successful project outcomes. While there are many ways to communicate, here are five effective ways to maintain regular communication with stakeholders: Regular Meetings and Check-ins: Schedule regular meetings with stakeholders to provide project updates, gather […]

Evolution of Agile

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Over the years, Agile methodology has evolved significantly, adapting to changing industry needs and embracing new practices and frameworks. As an IT Business Analyst, I have witnessed the evolution of Agile and its impact on project management and software development. Here are some key aspects of how Agile has evolved: Emergence of Agile Manifesto: In […]

How to deal with a spicy client

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Dealing with a spicy or agitated client or stakeholder can be challenging, but as a business analyst, there are several techniques you can employ to help calm them down and navigate the situation effectively. Here are some strategies to consider: Active Listening: Actively listen to the client’s concerns without interruption. Give them your full attention, […]

TheITBA.com, A Decade of Business Analysis Insights

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A Decade of Business Analysis Insights: Reflecting on Writing for TheITBA.com For over a decade, I have had the privilege of writing blog posts for www.theitba.com, a trusted platform dedicated to Business Analysis. Throughout these years, I have shared insights, best practices, and experiences in the IT and consulting field, aiming to empower and inform […]

What BAs do

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For those seeking clarity on the role of a Business Analyst (BA), let’s explore a comprehensive list of activities that BAs engage in while planning and working on projects. These activities encompass the core responsibilities and considerations that contribute to the success of a BA’s role: Understanding Stakeholder Needs: BAs thoroughly analyze and comprehend the […]

Navigating the Pitfalls of Business Analysis: Strategies for Success

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Navigating the Pitfalls of Business Analysis: Strategies for Success Introduction: Business analysis is a critical discipline that helps organizations define their business needs, identify solutions, and drive successful outcomes. However, various pitfalls can hinder effective business analysis, leading to misalignment, missed opportunities, and project failure. This article explores common pitfalls in business analysis and offers […]

Leveraging Business Analysis: How Sales Engineers Can Win New Customers

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Leveraging Business Analysis: How Sales Engineers Can Win New Customers Introduction: In today’s competitive business landscape, sales engineers play a critical role in driving revenue growth by effectively showcasing the value and capabilities of their products or services. To excel in this role, sales engineers can leverage business analysis techniques to understand customer needs, align […]

What is an IT BA?

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An IT Business Analyst (IT BA) is a professional who plays a critical role in bridging the gap between business objectives and technology solutions within an organization. IT BAs are responsible for understanding the business needs, analyzing requirements, and facilitating effective communication between business stakeholders and technical teams. They possess a unique blend of business […]