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Nominal Group Technique

The Nominal Group Technique (NGT) is an advanced form of brainstorming involving five steps.

Step 1. The BA describes a problem or opportunity to all team members.

Step 2. Each team member separately records his or her ideas.

  • At this point, there is no discussion among group members.
  • This strategy promotes free and open thinking unimpeded by judgmental comments or peer pressure.

Step 3. The ideas of individual members are made public by asking each member to share one idea with the group.

  • Ideas are displayed for all team members to see.
  • The process is repeated until all ideas have been presented.
  • Every idea is assigned a unique number.
  • There is no group discussion during this step.
  • Taking the ideas one at a time ensures a mix of recorded ideas, making it more difficult for members to recall what ideas belong to which individual.

Step 4. Ideas are clarified to ensure that all team members understand each item.

  • A team member may be asked to explain an idea
  • No comments, justifications, or judgments are made in this step.
  • The goal of this step is to ensure that all items are clearly defined.

Step 5. The team will vote on each Idea silently.

  • The team will select method of voting.
    • Example: Team members will select their top five ideas by number.
  • Each member prioritizes his or her preferred ideas and arranges them from 1 (worst) to 5 (best).
  • Results are collected.
  • The priority values are tallied and displayed.
  • The ideas with the highest values are selected as the best ideas to implement.
    • The number of items to implement is determined by time, money, and resources available.

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