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Is there a difference between product and project scope?

Product VS ProjectHave you ever wondered what the difference between product scope and project scope or who is responsible for each?

Product scope includes the functions and features that characterize a product, service or solution. The business analyst usually defines and manages the product scope in collaboration with the business and technical stakeholders. The business analyst is also responsible for the product requirements. The business analyst usually acts as a product and requirements manager.

Project scope includes the work that must be performed to deliver a product, service or solution with the specified functions and features. The project manager (or person taking on the PM role) usually defines and manages this area of scope in collaboration with the business analyst, business and technical stakeholders.

In some cases one person may take on the role of business analyst (BA) and project manager (PM) but if you are working on a project that has both a BA and a PM you should now know how to share the work.

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