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How to INVEST in User Stories

SMART goals are a great way to communicate and measure attainable goals within a set time-frame when it comes to creating User Stories, being SMART may not always be sufficient. INVESTing in User Stories helps to define stories, determine their relative value to a customer, business, or user, and allows you to identify testing criteria early in the SDLC.

  • Independent – Standalone as much as possible. Stories should not be dependent on each other.
  • Negotiable – Details identified in the conversation.
  • Valuable – The story has value to the customer/user.
  • Estimable – Story allows prioritization and planning.
  • Short – The Story should be implemented in one sprint.
  • Testable – We do not develop what we cannot test. Also, defines the definition of DONE!

Next time you write a User Story, think of how you can INVEST in that story.

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