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Five things to help elicit stakeholder requirements

Here are five great techniques that I use to help elicit business requirements from stakeholders.

  1. Requirements Workshops – Organize half or full day sessions to meet with a group(s) of stakeholders to define the initial set of requirements or further define an existing list of requirements.
  2. Brainstorming – An excellent way to get a quick list of ideas that you can later define and prioritize.
  3. Job shadowing – Spend time learning daily activities and use this information to translate into requirements.
  4. Interviews – Interviews are a great way to meet one on one or with a small group to elicit requirements by a predefined set of questions and then asking follow-up questions based on individual responses.
  5. Survey / Questionnaire – Asking questions through a survey / questionnaire is another great way to elicit information. You can ask questions when you are unable to meet people in person, if you want to distribute questions to a large number of people, or if you are looking for anonymous feedback that you may not get otherwise.



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