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Five things to do on a Friday

It is the end of a long and busy week. Here are five things that any BA can do that may offer great value when you least expect it.

1. Run a virus scan and backup your files. You do not want to have to duplicate any work due a virus or hardware failure.

2. Complete your work.  Try not to have any outstanding work waiting for you when you show up on Monday.  Complete all checklists / burndown charts for the week and start thinking about what you plan to work on next week.

3. Organize your weekly emails into folders grouped by tasks, projects, approvals, completed or outstanding work and make sure you can easily find them when you need to reference them again.

4. Document outstanding communications from the past week and place then in an easy to find location. You may want to consider emailing yourself and placing the email in a folder (See #3). You never know when random information from a conversation will be required days, weeks, or months down the road.

5. Learn something new. Read one of the many BA related blogs or websites that offer tips, tricks, and techniques and find a way to apply at least one of the new things you just read about.

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