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Brainstorming: Nominal Group Technique

Morgan T. LeeThere are many different brainstorming techniques that you and your group can use to generate and prioritize ideas.  One technique that you can use is called the Nominal Group Technique. This technique encourages everyone involved to have an equal say in the process so that one person does not control the flow of the session or the ideas that are being generated.

Stakeholders are asked to share their idea. Each person can write down their ideas on a piece of paper (or other format) without giving their name.  The BA (or moderator) will collect the ideas and present them to the group for discussion.  Here, the group can use a process called distillation where the group will discuss and rank each idea. 

The prioritized list (or part of the list) may be sent back to the group for additional brainstorming to further refine or prioritize the list.  If the list is large it can often be broken down into different categories and given to multiple groups to work with.

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