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Brainstorming: Group Passing Technique

Morgan T. Lee Another group brainstorming technique is the “group passing technique”. Each person in the group is given a question that the group is going to brainstorm and a piece of paper. Each person will write down one idea on the paper and pass it to the person next to them. Each person will try to improve on the idea and then pass it to the next person in the group so that they can try and improve on the idea again. This continues until everyone has had a chance to review and improve on the idea. This may spark additional improvements, if so, another round may be completed or continue using this technique for the next question that the group would like to brainstorm.

This technique works great when everyone can attend the same brainstorming session. Electronic alternatives may also be used. For individuals and groups that are not able to attend the same session or are offsite, a physical or electronic file can be created, and distribution list may be used. Each person can enter their ideas in an electronic format and send to the next person on the distribution list. Participants can pass the physical or electronic file around until everyone has had a chance to come up with new ideas or improve on the ideas of others.

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