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5 things to know about the daily Scrum

Here are 5 things to know about the daily Scrum or Stand-up meetings:

1. Held daily. The meeting should be at the same time and same location every day and should not last longer than 15 minutes;

2. Ideal size for this meeting is five to nine people;

3. Team members report to each other, not the Scrum Master (or PM);

4. Three questions should be asked every meeting to each participant;
I.   What have you done since the last time we met?
II.  What will you work on today?
III. What obstacles are preventing you from completing your work?

5. The daily meeting will be used to updated status reports and diagrams;

If there are more than nine people consider breaking the meeting into multiple groups. This is not a meeting to discuss how to complete the work or resolve problems, these type of issues should be handled outside of this meeting. The daily scrum gives the team the opportunity to find out what everyone is doing, offer assistance, and keep the momentum of the project going.

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