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5 things to know about a Scrum Team

1. A Scrum team is cross-functional meaning a group of people with different functional expertise working toward a common goal that usually consists of five to nine people.

2. There are no set project roles within the team, you volunteer for the work you can accomplish. Everyone on the team should be working at something within a set timeframe (sprint).

3. The team defines the tasks and assignments to be completed for a given sprint. The team is self-organized and self-managed. The team decides what to complete during a sprint instead of being told what to work on.

4. The team maintains the sprint backlog. They are responsible for determining how to complete the items from the sprint backlog and assigning story points for each item in the sprint backlog.

5. The team is responsible for conducting the sprint review. The team will approve the activities to be completed for the upcoming sprint.

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