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5 things to know when creating a use case

What is a use case?

The use case is a tool that a Business Analyst can use when they want to figure out how a process or system will work or react in various situations. Use cases are designed to describe how an actor can interact with a solution to satisfy a goal or respond in a certain way. Each use case should contain one function or action. Use cases often have primary and alternative actions but all possible outcomes should be documented.

5 things to know when creating a use case:

1. Each use case should have a unique name and a description of their purpose;
2. Use cases have actors that represent a person, group, system, or event that interacts in some way. Actors are often represented by stick people in use case diagrams;
3. Use cases have relationships or associations between actors and represents access to a particular function.
4. Use cases have conditions (pre and post) that happen before or after a certain point in time or action; and
5. Use cases have events that describe what the actors and systems are doing in a local flow.

use case example

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