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5 things to do to elicit requirements

Business Analysts can elicit requirements from a number of sources. The BA is responsible for eliciting and documenting business need and presenting a set of requirements to key stakeholders. Here are 5 common ways to elicit business requirements.

1. Brainstorming sessions: A technique where a group of people meet to discuss business needs, come up with new ideas and requirements for those ideas. All ideas are written down and evaluated. The best ones will be developed in greater detail.

2. Interviews: A Business Analyst will meet with stakeholders to ask a series of questions to determine requirements. This could be done in a group or with individuals in both a formal or informal environment. Follow up questions could be created based on the answers from the stakeholders.

3. Surveys: A list of questions is created and sent to stakeholders. This could be done over email. The stakeholders can answer the questions in their own time and send them back to the business analyst then the survey is complete. There is a risk of a lower answer turnout with this method.

4. Document reviews: Once you have collected the initial set of requirements, the business analyst will facilitate a document review. This review will confirm the requirements that are currently documented and will allow stakeholders to add new requirements that may have been missed during the initial brainstorming or question activities.

5. Prototype reviews: During a prototype review, a business analyst will document the changes and ideas from the stakeholders during this review. The feedback from this type of review will help define the requirements for the next phase or future development.

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